Mother Company in India Giveaway Fresh Capital to Local Insurance

SGI Philippines General Insurance Co. Inc. a non-life insurer has raised its capitalization to P1.3 billion and reached 2022 deadline to uplift paid-up capital. In a statement on Monday (Feb. 17), Insurance Commissioner Dennis B. Funa said ”SGI’s mother company, Shriram General Insurance Co. Ltd, an Indian firm, had “infused fresh capital” of P624 million’’. This is why SGI’s net worth arose from P710 million to P1.35 billion, goes with the paid-up capital hike.

Funa said ”SGI’s move, in accordance with the Amended Insurance Code, “is commendable” since it would project confidence that the company “has a solid source of capital to deliver its promises to the insuring public.”

This inculcates the requirement of insurance players to have a minimum net worth of at least P900 million by the end of 2019.

Earlier, Funa said ”the Insurance Commission would release by April the final list of insurance firms that had complied with the capitalization requirement”.

The commission, he said, ”required the companies to submit capital buildup plans “for us to see an overview of their respective course of action” to comply with the required net worth”.

Companies who submit these plans early would have time to “consider other ways to comply with the requirement other than cash infusion.” Some of these are mergers, consolidation or acquisition, Funa said.

Source: Business Inquirer

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