Fire Insurance


Fire Insurance

Residential, commercial and industrial properties including its contents, are investments and therefore it is important to insure. SGI Philippines provides fire insurance to cover your precious assets and properties like building, content, stock, and machinery. Fire can be man-made, natural  or both. It can occur due to lightning or short circuit and  can also be any other reason. Everyone has his or her dream and desire to achieve something that is worth. Uncertainties can happen anytime  hence we suggest you insure your property against the loss and damage caused by fire. Properties like building, machinery, and equipment, stocks in trade, goods in process, household fixtures, types of furniture and appliances can be covered. SGI Philippines can provide Residential Fire, Commercial Fire, Industrial All Risks, with Acts Of God and allied Perils  extensions.

What is fire insurance?

Fire insurance is act as a protective shield for your valuable assets like your house and other properties. It secures your property and covers damages due to fire. SGI Philippines provide fire insurance policy with different schemes like standard fire & allied perils policy. SGI Philippines will cover the cost of repair or construction of the structure and the content. In case of disaster, the insured will be receiving a payout based on the value of the structure. 

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Benefits of Fire Insurance -

It is essential to protect your business and properties against the fire-related outbreak. And, Ffire insurance policy is the ideal plan for the safety against the peril of fire.Assets like the building and its content need to be protected. Protecting your house or business against the

fire-related outbreak is essential and The fire insurance policy protects assets and fixtures against a series of perils.

Replacement/repairing of content: Fire can cause damage to the properties and content you have. Fire insurance  reimburses the cost  of replacing or repairing damaged items.

Provisional housing: The fire insurance cover protects the insurance holder from the loss of home, business and other related possessions. This provisional housing helps to repair the structure of the damaged building before moving back to the place.

The rebuilding of damaged things: Fire can definitely lead to significant damage to the house or business structure. This coverage policy under fire insurance is responsible for the rebuilding of damaged section. This is to be noted that the swimming pool, garage, and other facilities are included.

Preventive measures: One of the important things you should consider is the installation of  a fire alarm and sprinkler system. Also, the use of a safety system in the building cut the cost of damage due to fire.

With SGI Philippines you can insure against the following perils for more protection -




Riot Strikes


Aircraft/Vehicles Impact

Bursting or overflow of water tanks apparatus or pipes

Loss of profits or Business Interruption

Business Interruption

 Fire insurance works under the principle of indemnity, which means the insured will be compensated for the losses or damage to the properties. With one year tenure, fire insurance makes you safe and secure from any damage due to fire.







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