motor insurance

Motor insurance is important for every vehicle owner which is bifurcated in car insurance, two wheeler insurance and commercial vehicle. It is important to buy motor insurance for the safety and security in case of uncertainty. Motor insurance helps to cover loss or damage to your vehicle due to natural calamities like fire, explosion, lightning, earthquake, flood, typhoon, hurricane and landslides. Also, loss or damage to your vehicle because of man-made calamities such as theft, riot, burglary and malicious act. It saves you from third party legal liability that protects against legal liability due to accidental damages. These damages may be resulting in permanent injury or death of a person. READ MORE...

fire insurance

Unexpected incidents can affect your happiness anytime. The properties like home, car, and others are hard earned, therefore it is important to secure. SGI Phils. provides fire insurance to cover your precious assets and properties like building, content, stock, and machinery. Fire can be man-made or natural both. It can occur due to lightning or short circuit and any other can also be the reason. Everyone has his/her dream and desire to achieve something that is worth. Uncertainties can happen anytime as there is no future prediction of yours. We suggest you insure your property against the loss and damage caused by fire. Properties like building, machinery, and equipment, stocks in trade, goods in process, household fixtures, types of furniture and appliances.  READ MORE...

engineering image

Engineering insurance refers to the type of insurance which provides financial safety to the risks faced by the ongoing construction project, installation project, machines, and equipment in the operation. This insurance type is bifurcated into construction project all risks insurance and installation project all risks insurance as well it safeguards machinery breakdown. It saves you from probable financial shocks due to exposure of your infrastructure projects like road building constructions and renovations, dams, canal, pipe laying, fire, accidental collapse, flood, typhoon, earthquake and several other risks. Engineering all risk insurance is made to protect the project for construction. The policies of the EAR have been designed in such a way to cover the risk of loss attributable.   READ MORE...

marine insurance

Buying marine insurance online is one of the convenient ways people are choosing these days. If you buy marine insurance online you can even get multiple offers i.e. discounts. Growing marine business automatically exposed to risks that are associated with the transit of goods and merchandise. Buying marine insurance online can help you to successfully overcome high-risk situations and put you in control. Therefore, the policy provides wide coverage for loss or damage caused to the cargo whilst in transit. The policy provides wide coverage for loss or damage caused to the cargo and products.   READ MORE...

miscellaneous insurance

Miscellaneous insurance covers risk other than those of Life, Motor, Fire, Engineering, Marine and Personal Accident Insurance. There are various other types of insurance policies for different financial risks. SGI Philippines provides diverse products in the miscellaneous category like the Special Risk Policy, Comprehensive General Liability, Fidelity Guarantee, Money Securities, and Payroll Robbery: Special risk refers to the insurance policy that is unusual in nature because the policyholder is more susceptible to certain risk. These unusual risks arise because of the perilous nature of insured profession.   READ MORE...

personal accident insurance

Life is uncertain and even more difficulties arise when our responses to the uncertainty are not flexible. People many times ignore things which are really very important in life like the safety and security of you and your family. No one should compromise with the protection of their own life. So for the complete protection, you need to have Personal Accident Insurance. It protects you in crisis situation and provides you with financial assistance. SGI Philippines Personal Accident policy is always there to help you. It offers exclusive cover to the policyholder and provides compensation in case of disability or death caused by accidents or any other mishap.  READ MORE...